The Therapy Cottage

Specializing in Therapeutic Wellness

At The Therapy Cottage, we believe that you should have the flexibility to receive the combination of therapeutic massage treatments that you need.  For that reason, with the exception of our Signature Hot Stone Treatment, our pricing is based on time, not the treatment type you select.  This allows us to work with you to create the most effective and beneficial use of the time you spend with us.

Therapeutic Massage Services
*Pricing according to therapist experience and level of expertise

30 Minute Therapeutic Massage

Designed to address a specific issue.


One Hour Therapeutic Massage

Custom tailored to fit your specific therapeutic needs.


90 Minute Therapeutic Massage

By adding time to your treatment, this customized session allows for extra time to address problem areas.


The Therapy Cottage Signature Hot Stone Massage

This 90 minute treatment utilizes the soothing power of smooth, heated stones.  In conjunction with massage, the heat from the stones is transferred to the body, allowing tension to more easily melt away and preparing the body for more therapeutic work.


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