The Therapy Cottage

Specializing in Therapeutic Wellness

3215 Austin Bluffs Pkwy Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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Whether you are seeking relief for a medical condition, searching for a way to help deal with the stresses of daily life, recovering from an injury, or simply wanting to relax and take some time for yourself, we have the treatment for you.


At The Therapy Cottage, we believe that you should have the flexibility to receive the combination of therapeutic massage treatments that you need.  Your customized session may be a combination of modalities including Relaxation Techniques, Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point, Biomechanical Dysfunction Therapy, Muscle Release Technique, Prenatal and many others. This allows us to work with you to create the most effective and beneficial use of the time you spend with us.


 Therapeutic Services

  •  30 Minute Therapeutic Massage
  • One Hour Therapeutic Massage

We have experience working with people with physical disabilities and have an accessible facility.

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